spnt001 : for the rave / when the rave is not enough
2020, spontaneous affinity

zine & digital release

"November Cut" is part of the 19 track digital compilation released with the second zine from NYC based platform & zine series Spontaneous Affinity spearheaded by DJ & Writer Lychee.


tripped: 6 years of blankstairs vol. II

2019, blankstairs 

digital release

"This Morning (I Saw The Light)" is part of the 16 track compilation celebrating 6 years of operation for the Portland/NYC label Blankstairs.


bizaarbazaar #02

2019, bizaarbazaar
t-shirt & digital release

"Veit's Drum Set" is part of the 40 track compilation by NYC label, platform, community and party BizaarBazaar spearheaded by Bergsonist


2018, c-

digital release

"Pose" is part of the 8 track digital album released by Kansas based label and platform c-


power puerto rico compilation
2017, softcoresoft & anabasine

digital release

"Ain" is part of the 40 track compilation aimed to raise funds for Puerto Rico in Fall 2017 following the hurricane that hit the island in September 2017  ***over 2500USD*** was raised!


the furnace series part I & II
2015, booma collective
2 part vinyl 12" & digital release

"Garden In The Furnace" & "Thinking Of Jaeta" are part of the double vinyl release and digital compilation called The Furnace Series by Booma Collective, the party and label crew I was member of from 2010-2018


vox populi 1
2014, vox populi
vinyl 12" & digital

"Subsistence" is part of the 3 track compilation which kicked off vox populi


l.p.c 001
2014, l.p.c
vinyl 12" & digital

"Dust In The Propane" is part of the 2 track split EP with Lnrdcroy


booma compilation vol. 1
2013, booma collective
digital release

"Soil (Short Mix)" is part of the 6 track compilation which kicked off the Booma Collective as music label after throwing parties for 3 years